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Brands and the goodwill they represent are critical to success in the marketplace. Cesari and McKenna works with clients to create and implement comprehensive brand protection strategies that are both effective and cost efficient. This often begins with the selection of the marks themselves. We assist clients in evaluating potential marks, both to identify potential third party rights and to evaluate the marks’ intrinsic capability of protection. It often then extends then to selecting jurisdictions and implementing filing strategies. When necessary, it culminates in enforcement action to defend exclusivity and other rights.

Our Trademark Services Include:

  • Advising clients on viability and selection of new trademarks throughout the clearance process

  • Developing trademark filing strategies that provide strategically valuable protection

  • Filing and prosecuting U.S. trademark applications that maximize coverage

  • Filing and defending opposition and cancellation proceedings

  • Negotiating trademark acquisitions and letters of consent

  • Representing clients in domain name disputes

  • Prosecuting trademark applications internationally under the Madrid Protocol and by working with an extensive network of foreign associates in Asia, Europe, the Americas and elsewhere around the world.

  • Providing worldwide trademark monitoring to identify infringement early

Key Contacts

Michael R. Reinemann



Anthony C. Topper



James A. Blanchette



Duane Henry Dreger



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