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Protecting chemical innovations requires in-depth knowledge of the underlying technology as well as deep understanding of the current legal practice trends. At Cesari and McKenna, many of our attorneys and agents hold advanced degrees, have relevant industry and research experience, as well as years of legal experience.  They counsel clients throughout the patent preparation and prosecution process, and offer portfolio development and litigation advice if legal challenges arise.

Our attorneys and agents to support a wide range of chemical-related industries, including industrial chemicals, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials, energy, batteries and fuel cells, among others.

Our Services Include:

  • Drafting valid and enforceable patent applications that withstand challenge

  • Developing and implementing cost-effective enforcement and defense strategies

  • Providing freedom-to-operate and design around counseling

  • Providing infringement and validity assessments to drive business strategy

  • Providing client counseling on portfolio development and strategy

  • Negotiating IP licenses and technology partnership agreements

  • Evaluating targets for potential licensing

  • Protecting valuable brands including trademark clearance, filing and portfolio management

Key Contacts

Gerald E. Worth, P.E.

Senior Counsel


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