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Copyright protection plays an important role in an increasingly diverse number of industries. Whether it’s literary and graphical works or executable software and source code, copyright can protect original works of authorship. Cesari and McKenna assists in deploying cost-effective filing and enforcement strategies to enable our clients to develop, maintain, license and protect their copyrightable works. 

Our Copyright Services Include:

  • Planning and developing copyright registration portfolios as part of an integrated intellectual property protection strategy

  • Registering U.S. copyrights including expedited registrations

  • Providing client counseling and opinions, including infringement, freedom-to-use, and open-source license compliance opinions

  • Advising clients on work-for-hire and employee issues

  • Protecting copyrights internationally with an extensive network of foreign associates in Asia, Europe, the Americas and elsewhere around the globe

  • Coordinating online enforcement of copyrights and “take-downs” of infringing materials

  • Providing worldwide copyright monitoring to identify infringement early

Key Contacts

Duane Henry Dreger



James A. Blanchette



Michael R. Reinemann



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